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The Granary

602 Avenue A, San Antonio, TX 78215

(210) 228-0124    Visit Website

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The Granary is an establishment dedicated to serving the best quality food prepared using smoke and live fire. We pride ourselves in sourcing humanely raised, no hormone/antibiotic, quality meat, and emphasizing seasonal vegetables when possible. We make as much product from “scratch” and in house as possible. By making our bread, pickles, pies, etc. in house, we deliver superior flavor, texture, and enjoyment to each and every guest. Most cultures have some sort of barbecue tradition, and our aim is to showcase the traditional barbecue ingredients in a modern, relevant and approachable way. While Central Texas barbecue is the backbone, The Granary provides a diverse look at various cultures worldwide that have their own unique barbecue styles providing the opportunity for the diner to experience new and interesting flavors. At The Granary we strive to make fresh, handcrafted, honest beers that can be enjoyed by all. All of our beer is made within the four walls of our restaurant, which means that when it hits your glass it is the freshest beer you can get. Our beers are never filtered or pasteurized and are always full of character and flavor. We brew styles from American and Belgian to anything in between. We typically brew our beers with four ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and San Antonio water. However we have been known to add things like coffee, fruit, spices, and anything else that might catch our fancy. At The Granary we love beer as beer helps to enrich our lives. We take our beer and food seriously and we hope to politely challenge people’s perspective of how beer can be paired with food. We believe that every meal that is served can be made better when paired with the right style of beer. This is not your grandma’s beer.

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