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German Heritage: Willkommen in San Antonio!

Many visitors to San Antonio are surprised to learn that the city has German roots. As you explore downtown, you’ll see businesses with German names, find buildings featuring German architecture and maybe even hear polka music at a local festival. The influence of German settlers stretches across the center of the state from Galveston to the Texas Hill Country (an area that became known as the German Belt), contributing substantially to the culture, growth and vibrancy of many communities.

The Adelsverein Promotes Passage to Texas

In the 1840s, the social and economic climate in Germany and the availability of land in Texas created the ideal conditions for an influx of hardworking, German farmers, artisans and merchants hoping to find success on the frontier. In 1842, a group of German noblemen formed a group called the Adelsverein to protect German immigrants and secure land for them in the Texas Hill Country, establishing the towns of Fredericksburg and New Braunfels. Several thousand Germans endured 8- to 12-week Atlantic voyages to come to Texas. At the same time, more than 2,000 German-speaking settlers, led by Frenchman Henri Castro, moved from Alsace to an area just west of San Antonio, founding the town of Castroville in 1844. German immigrants also established the towns of Comfort and Boerne between San Antonio and Fredericksburg.

German Influence

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German Festivals & Culture

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